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Bea Arthur “Goodnight but not Goodbye”

Posted in music with tags , , , , on April 27, 2009 by motorslug
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Star Wars Holiday Special | CBS-TV | 1978

When I heard the news about Bea Arthur’s death, I naturally thought to post something about it. As a kid, I grew up watching re-runs of The Golden Girls when nothing else was on TV– those women were hilarious! This blog being what it is, I was suddenly reminded of the bootleg copy of the now-infamous Star Wars Holiday Special I had tucked away within my DVD collection. In it, Arthur plays a cantina’s nightshift bartender named Ackmena, who serenades her patrons at closing time. The title of the song, “goodnight but not goodbye,” seems strangely fitting in a way.

This is going to be one of those rare instances in which I link to another site/blog instead of providing the tracks right here, the reason being that has a far superior copy of the song than I do. After ripping the audio from my dvd-r, I realized that it sounded awful. My hat is off to the guy that provided the track for– he either had a much earlier generation copy than I did, or his skills at audio restoration are truly exceptional (or both!). Click the link below and find Bea Arthur’s track… it’s the third mp3 link from the top.