Danielle Dax “Here Come The Harvest Buns”

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Danielle Dax "Here Come The Harvest Buns"
Danielle Dax | Pop-Eyes LP | Awesome Records | 1985

I should just go ahead and put it out there, for the whole world to know, that I idolize Danielle Dax. Were it not for the ocean between us, I might just stalk her in my spare time. Instead, I have to console myself with buying her records whenever they pop up. At this point, I have far too many copies of the “Tomorrow Never Knows” single to be considered competent to stand trial…and I don’t even like that song. I’m not alone in my obsession, however! Even Marc Heal mentioned in a Cubanate interview just how enamored he is with Danielle. I would wager good money that he, too, owns enough duplicates of her records to keep a college town record store open indefinitely.

I chose this first song to post because it gives me a giggle and because it is from the slightly difficult to find “Pop-Eyes” LP. “Here Come The Harvest Buns” and “Bed Caves” are certainly the stand-out tracks from the album, the rest of the record being considerably slower, noisier and generally lyrically stranger (although no less good, mind you!). Danielle Dax has, perhaps, the most abstract lyrical content this side of Cocteau Twins and, while it is always fun to spend an afternoon decoding the meaning, the word sounds serve as just another intricate, meaty layer to her deliciously complex song-writing.

This is a woman who deserves considerably more attention, consideration, and respect. If “Here Come The Harvest Buns” doesn’t do it for you, I’m sure I’ll post more from her in the future. If all else fails, I will beat you over the head with her music until you have no choice but to dance. Go ahead, listen to this track and tell me you didn’t wiggle your butt just a little bit.

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Machines of Loving Grace “All I Really Need”

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Machines of Loving Grace | Rite of Shiva 12″ | Mammoth Records | 1993

This b-side, exclusive to this single, shows Machines of Loving Grace at perhaps their most TKK-sounding– the guitars are funky, the beats are thumping, the funeral organs are droning, the background chants are spooky.

The highlight of the song, however, is the heavy amount of sampling going on, mainly of a woman hurling insult after obscene insult at an unknown target. It gets to the point where she almost seems to be doing a duet with Scott Benzel during the chorus– while he sings “all I really need is your love,” she’s constantly screaming “asshole,” “scumbag,” “bastard,” etc. in the background. It’s a great track, and shows the band’s sense of humor. In fact, it was included on their original demo in place of “Lipstick 66.”

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My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult “Cuz It’s Hot (sex until mix)”

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Various Artists | Precision One 12″ | Art of Mix Records | 1991

Ahh, Thrill Kill Kult. Their long and fabulous story has been told many times over, and I’m not going to rehash it here, but needless to say they’ve been carving out their particular niche of leather-clad sex-beat for decades. For industrial DJs, they also provided some of THE best “bathroom songs” of the 1990’s– tracks so long you could cue them up, take a restroom break, get a fresh drink, and still get back with time to spare. The KMFDM vs TKK CDS and “Cuz It’s Hot” CDS were the best of these, with the latter’s title track clocking in at over ten minutes long. Ten minutes!

The song’s epic length was not always a good thing, though, so imagine my excitement when I found this promo 12″ from Art of Mix Records. Exclusive remixes of 808 State, Boxcar, Spectrum, AND TKK?? The best thing about S. Michael Meacham’s “sex until mix” of ‘Cuz It’s Hot is that it’s a little over half as long as the original, about five and a half minutes. There are some dj tricks thrown in, and a sliver of that ubiquitous (for the period) “no! sex! until! marriage!” sample, but the beat pretty much just pummels you the entire time. I understand that TKK re-released this cut via their Kult Konnection fan service, too.

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Bea Arthur “Goodnight but not Goodbye”

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Star Wars Holiday Special | CBS-TV | 1978

When I heard the news about Bea Arthur’s death, I naturally thought to post something about it. As a kid, I grew up watching re-runs of The Golden Girls when nothing else was on TV– those women were hilarious! This blog being what it is, I was suddenly reminded of the bootleg copy of the now-infamous Star Wars Holiday Special I had tucked away within my DVD collection. In it, Arthur plays a cantina’s nightshift bartender named Ackmena, who serenades her patrons at closing time. The title of the song, “goodnight but not goodbye,” seems strangely fitting in a way.

This is going to be one of those rare instances in which I link to another site/blog instead of providing the tracks right here, the reason being that StarWarsHolidaySpecial.com has a far superior copy of the song than I do. After ripping the audio from my dvd-r, I realized that it sounded awful. My hat is off to the guy that provided the track for SWHS.com– he either had a much earlier generation copy than I did, or his skills at audio restoration are truly exceptional (or both!). Click the link below and find Bea Arthur’s track… it’s the third mp3 link from the top.

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Heavenly Bodies “Rains On Me”

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Heavenly Bodies | Celestial LP | C’est la Mort Records | 1988

The first MOTORSLUG entry is from one of the bands I know the least about (natch). I found their “Celestial” LP in an anorexic little goth/industrial bin in a vinyl shop last week, and was about to pass it over until I noticed that both Third Mind Records and C’est la Mort Records were listed on the back cover. That detail, combined with the fact that the album was released in 1988– possibly THE best year for releases during the Wax Trax!/Nettwerk era of gloomy/stompy audio– was good enough for me. As it turns out, I was very pleasantly surprised.

A short-lived outfit that produced this solitary album, Heavenly Bodies was comprised primarily of veterans from the 4AD label. Scott Rodger and James Pinker were in the original lineup of Dead Can Dance, while the vocalist Caroline Seaman was featured on the second album from This Mortal Coil, “Filigree and Shadow.”

Upon first listen, “Rains On Me” is definitely one of the standout tracks with its driving rhythms and lush, dreamy sound. I can just hear it now, sandwiched in a DJ set between some Cocteau Twins and some Cranes. The CD version of the album contains some bonus tracks, including a remix of “Rains On Me,” so I’m going to have to track that down now.

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It begins…

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After sitting on the music blog fence for months, we finally have a nice setup in terms of accessing and recording from our collections. Posting begins now!